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Sets and passion!

The archaeology of cinema, in AWW #5

Oh the drama! Director David Lean and his production crew battle with the elements during the filing of Ryan’s Daughter on the Dingle Peninsula, Ireland, 1970. But what remains on the ground?

Archaeology Worldwide’s Neil Faulkner (RIP) and Gary Rossin decided to find out, as they explain in their page-turning feature on the archaeology of cinema.

Click the button below to read their feature in full – it’s completely open-access!

Like what you see? Please support our (independent, advert-free!) magazine and get your copy of Issue 5, which also unpicks the latest on the first humans in the Americas (what, who, how?), digs into Soviet-era archaeology (not for the faint-hearted), and takes a tour of Durrës in Albania. Plus: columns, books, museums and much more.

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