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Digging Stuart Prior

Stuart Prior on his Life in Archaeology in AWW #7

How did Digging for Britain's brilliant Stuart Prior go from council gravedigger to Bristol University academic and TV presenter?

Each issue we feature the life story of one of our favourite archaeologists, and this time it's the turn of Stuart Prior. He tells of his unconventional start in archaeology, how he cheated death – twice, and how archaeology pulled him through. He also offers advice on getting into archaeology for prospective students, drawing special attention to CIfA.

For the full story, please support our independent, advert-free, magazine and treat yourself to the latest issue of Archaeology Worldwide. As ever, it's a bumper edition, with everything from the intrigues of Tutankhamun’s dynasty, the latest on Çatalhöyük, the story of an Iron Age bog body, the glories of Roman Ostia, and much more. Look inside to discover the latest issue.

Image: Dr Stuart Prior at Butser Ancient Farm in 2021, during the filming of Digging for Britain, with Prof. Alice Roberts.

Credit: Stuart Prior

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