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  • People, rituals, ancestors – Brian Fagan is in Turkey and reports on Çatalhöyük, Göbekli Tepe, and more.


  • Despots and dreamers – Guy de la Bédoyère takes a critical look at ancient Egypt’s elite, zeroing in on Tutankhamun’s dynasty. 


  • The body in the bog – Miranda Aldhouse-Green on grisly Grauballe Man, found 70 years ago in a Danish peat bog.


  • COLUMNS: Stuart Prior reflects on his life in archaeology; David Miles visits the war memorials of northern France and reminds us why we should never forget [scroll down to read David's column in full].


  • EXPLORE: Ostia in Italy; Grauballe Man at Denmark's Moesgaard Museum; Cat Jarman’s River Kings: The Vikings from Scandinavia to the Silk Roads.

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