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Death on the Beach: the Herculaneum bodies

Drawing on the latest osteological studies, NEIL FAULKNER describes the fate of the people of the ancient town destroyed by Vesuvius in AD 79. What happened to them – in their last hours, minutes, seconds? Grab a stiff drink; we think you’ll need it.

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Blue is for Boys: exploring gender through time

With gender issues firmly in the spotlight, and with claims that certain ways of being are ‘natural’ and ‘ancient’, NADIA DURRANI digs into the past to discover more.

The Indus Civilisation Enigma: a century of decoding

In 1921, archaeology discovered a forgotten civilisation in the plains of the Indus River, in what is now Pakistan, dating from the third millennium BC. After a century's excavation and study, some things are clear - but others remain extremely enigmatic.


A Kingdom of Fish and Shell: solving the mystery of Calusa

Mound Key was the centre of the sophisticated Calusa kingdom that dominated a vast tract of Florida for more than five centuries. Yet these were people without agriculture. How did they survive? BRIAN FAGAN tells their astonishing story.

Chariots of Pharaoh:
the New Kingdom 
military revolution

THE PAST takes an in-depth look at a key historical issue. This time we ask, what transformed Ancient Egypt into a great war-making state around 1500 BC?

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