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Know someone who loves archaeology?
Give them Archaeology Worldwide.

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Want the ultimate, thoughtful, present for an archaeology-lover?

Give a gift-subscription to Archaeology Worldwide.  

Engaging, entertaining, enlightening: the magazine to be enjoyed on Christmas day AND for the rest of the year. Kudos to you!


How can I give Archaeology Worldwide as a gift? 

Click on one of the red subscribe buttons below (there are two options depending on your preferences). When you get to the checkout, tick 'give as a gift'.

Will my giftee get their first copy on Christmas day?

Yes they will – if you want them to! When you click 'give as a gift', you will be asked when you would like the gift-subscription to start (e.g. December 25). The beauty of a digital subscription means they can get their copy whenever they want, and wherever they are in the world. An email from the publisher will provide them with full log-in details from day one of their subscription.

Is there something I can put under the tree, or send in the post?

Yes. Please email us at, and we will send you a gift-certificate for you to print out. Write a personal message on the back, slip it into an envelope, and put it under the tree – or send it in the post. They will never guess!

What sorts of scubscriptions do you offer?

Two! Click the SUBSCRIBE button below to give an annual subscription (best value), or a six month subscription. They will receive their first copy (double the length of all other comparable magazines) on day one of their subscription, and new issues as they are published. Copies will belong to them permanently. This option is provided by Pocketmags.

OR click the SUB THE ARCHIVE button to give access to the back catalogue, and to new issues of the magazine as they are published, available to read for the duration of the subscription (quarterly or annual). This option is provided by Exact Editions. 

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