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National Museum of Roman Art

The Past

The Past digs deep into ALL aspects of human history, over ALL time periods, in ALL areas of the world.


Written and edited by leading experts, The Past entertains, informs, delights, and provokes. Read The Past on your phone, on your tablet, on the go. 


Each issue contains features on the latest finds, excavations, research, and thinking. Material culture is our anchor. Big ideas are what drive us.


Fully digital: no need for half a dozen specialist print magazines; no more cluttering shelves with old paper; no more trawling the web – it is all here, sourced, curated, and edited, the best of the new archaeology, all the latest insights, in six issues a year.


We are offering the first issue of The Past for free. It will be available right here on 18 March. Please sample and enjoy. We hope you will like it enough to subscribe. Online subs will open on 18 March 2021.


To join our email list for newsletter updates, please click on the link below. (Your email will not be used for other commercial purposes, and you can unsubscribe anytime.)


The future of The Past has begun.

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