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In the latest issue...

In advance of this summer's Netflix blockbuster on the Arthurian legends, the current issue of Past Worlds probes the history of King Arthur, the most famous, chivalrous, and valiant king of England. 


Want some leverage against climate change deniers? Read the low-down on past climate change, and how it really impacted our ancestors, by NYT best-selling author, Brian Fagan.


ALSO: discover the hidden histories of the Bahamas, get a Greek body beautiful, and explore death-beds through time – from the Neanderthals through to Andy Warhol's trans icon Candy Darling.  


With added essays, reviews and columns on the golden age of Egyptology, World Heritage France, BLM at Great Zimbabwe, and a sensational Nero exhibition at the British Museum.

The new issue is out JUNE 2021

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