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Past Worlds is the creation of Nadia Durrani, Neil Faulkner, and Gary Rossin.


Nadia and Neil are the editors and writers, while Gary is the designer. 


All three are trained in archaeology, anthropology, and history, and are all seasoned magazine people. But with publishing moving increasingly towards digital, they realised the time was right to create a new, exclusively online, magazine dedicated to the entire human past. And so Past Worlds was born. 

Nadia and Neil both studied at Cambridge University (anthropology and history respectively), and then took PhDs in world archaeology at University College London. But they met in the 2000s when they were the long-standing editors of Current Archaeology and Current World Archaeology magazines.


Between them, the three have written over 20 books, including Bigger Than History (Nadia), Lawrence of Arabia’s War (Neil) and Sedgeford Aerodrome (Gary).  

Nadia is co-author of a portfolio of market-leading US university text books. She covers the globe and deals with everything from human evolution to anthropological theory. Meanwhile, Neil is the director of several major field projects in Britain, Jordan, and Italy. He and Gary work closely in the field, most recently pioneering the archaeology of cinema.


Nadia and Neil also lecture widely and have worked on numerous documentaries on the human past for Channel 4, the BBC, and others — with Neil in front of the camera, and Nadia behind it.


Together, they are bringing top-rate journalism about the past right into the present. The result is Past Worlds, a digital magazine for everyone interested in all aspects of our dynamic human past. After all, as the astrophysicist Carl Sagan once said: "You have to know the past to understand the present." 


Dr Nadia Durrani


Dr Neil Faulkner


Gary Rossin

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