In this issue of PAST WORLDS... We go deep beneath the North Sea to discover the drowned place that we call Doggerland. What was life really like for the people who lived there, and how did their world come to an end?

Discover an extraordinary encounter between archaeology and celebrity culture as Neil Faulkner digs deep (literally) into the legend of Lawrence of Arabia. 

To celebrate the UK's Black History Month, NYT best-selling author and archaeologist, Brian Fagan, journeys to southern Africa to encounter the area's sophisticated archaeology, including Great Zimbabwe.


We then join Robert Carter in the Arabian Gulf to search for pearls; once beloved of royalty and the super-rich, find out their true cost to the pearl-divers.


PLUS essays, reviews, columns, and more, including a travel piece to secret Peru, a retrospective from Oliver Gilkes, and a gorgeous glut of Kasak gold in Cambridge.


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Paradise lost?The search for Doggerland

What was life like for those who lived in Doggerland, the drowned landscape that is now deep beneath the North Sea? Brian Fagan reports on the latest.